60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 2

This will certainly only get more challenging as I keep going. Today I read the gospel of Mark. It didn’t take too long to read, but it took a looong time to finish! The overall reading time was just 66 minutes. But today I am back in the office. I talked with teachers. I talked with parents. I dealt with a student situation. I even had my son hanging out for a few minutes. So the overall time was more like two and a half hours since there were so many distractions!

But I finished!

Again, it was a blessing to read through an entire gospel account. Just as it was very clear yesterday that Matthew was writing for Hebrew people, so it was very clear today that Mark was writing for non-Jews. Many times Mark explains things that would have been obvious and common knowledge to Jews.

I also highly recommend Mark as a good starting point for anyone to start reading the Bible. It is simple, straightforward, and action packed. Mark doesn’t bog the reader down with too many details. He relays the important and necessary information quickly and simply.

So two days into the 60 Day Bible Challenge, and so far so good!

Day 2 Reading:  Mark

Day 2 Time:  66 minutes

Total Time to Date:  168 minutes


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