60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 1

Well, I’m off and running. Or crawling?

Today went a little slower than I had planned. In attempting to read through the whole Bible in 60 days, I decided to start in the New Testament with Matthew. I’m planning to read through the whole New Testament, then go back to Genesis and the Old Testament.

My goal was to read all of Matthew today. I thought maybe an hour. But there were a few thought distractions. Then a few things I pondered a bit as I read. And as I work from home today, the kids are running outside making a lot of noise. But I did finish Matthew today. However, it took 102 minutes.

It was great to read through Matthew and see from start to finish how this disciple certainly wrote this gospel account with the Jews in mind. Over and over and over again he quotes Old Testament prophecies, proving over and over and over again that Jesus is the promised Messiah.

Tomorrow my goal is to read the gospel of Mark. It should take less time, and it should keep me on track to finish in 60 days!

Day 1 Reading: Matthew

Day 1 Time: 102 minutes

Total Time to Date: 102 minutes


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  1. I went another route and read the smallest bible books so the “accomplishment” would fuel any time I get bogged down in another bigger book. I read for about an hour before work, an hour after and 15 minutes at lunch!

    What a blessing to read about the love John showed his parishioners in 2nd and 3rd John, the careful instruction Paul gave to Titus and Timothy and the wonderful blessings God gave to his people through some of the minor prophets!

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