Daily Devotion on Psalm 46

Devotion Text: Psalm 46

Do you ever feel like God wrote down a certain passage of Scripture just for you?

When I read, “Be still and know that I am God,” I stop and look around. Could it be that this verse was just for me? Too often I am too busy in my own little world. I think that if I were to stop for one moment, everything would come crashing down. I see the terror of the world around me and wonder who is in control?!

Then, I am still and I know that my father in heaven is God. He loves me and he will not let harm befall me.

Yet, while I treasure this verse and the entire Psalm, I also know that it is not just for me. No, this psalm has been used as comfort by countless believers throughout history. Remnants of this psalm found their way into daily use by God’s Old Testament people, and still appear in some of the most beautiful Jewish prayers. In recent times, this prayer has been read by congressmen and presidents in the aftermath of national tragedies.

As we prepare for the celebration of God’s Reformation of his church, we should focus in on one more time this psalm was used to comfort God’s people.

In 1530, Lutheran princes walked toward Augsburg, Germany to present a confession of faith to the Holy Roman Emperor. As they reached the city, they sung hymns to comfort them. One such hymn was “A Mighty Fortress,” still sung by Lutherans everywhere  and penned by Martin Luther as a paraphrase of Psalm 46.

When the princes arrived, they read the Augsburg Confession in the middle of an assembly of Catholic princes and the Emperor himself. They read the Confession in plain, everyday German so that all could understand it. They read it so boldly and confidently that every word could be heard in the town square–words like, “salvation is by faith alone.” The Christian church was shattered that day, but God protected the truth of his word, just as he does today.

The wonderful fact about God’s Word is that, although it was written for his Old Testament people, for Martin Luther and for those Lutheran princes, it was written for you as well! God’s Word is living and active. It was meant to comfort you in your distress in the same way it comforted those who first heard it.

Be still. Your God is in control.

Prayer: God, my refuge and strength, my ever-present help in trouble. Be with me as I walk through this life. Guard me with your power against sin and every evil. Uphold me with your strength against the weight of this world. Keep me steadfast against temptation as I boldly walk toward heaven to be with you forever. Amen.


About Michael Schottey

Michael Schottey is a Christian, husband, father of two boys, sportswriter, and aspiring author. He graduated from Martin Luther College with a degree in Biblical Languages in 2009. A lifelong midwesterner, he moved to Florida with his family in 2010 and is a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church (WELS).

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