Building for Christ the King

There is nothing easy about starting a church. Everything about it is challenging: There are few people to work with. There aren’t many resources. It’s a lot of work to get people into worship. It’s a lot of work to teach and guide people after they have been to worship.

Perhaps as challenging as anything in starting a new church is the lack of an actual church building. “You worship where? Where is that?” “How long do you think you are going to stay there?” Those questions are usually just the first of many skeptical questions that go along with many skeptical looks.

Christ the King understands this very well. We went through this for three years. There were many questions, many looks, many doubts. It was very difficult to convince people to try out a church that worships in an elementary school. It was very difficult to convince people that we were not just another “fly-by-night” church.

Then we built a building. Building a church and school building has been one of the greatest blessings to date for Christ the King. It gave legitimacy to the church. It gave people a reason to come and “check it out.” It gave our current members something to be proud of.

The video of the week for this week is about a church in South Carolina that recently celebrated the dedication of their new building. Not only is it a similar story to Christ the King’s, but this church also has several connections to Christ the King. Pastor Huebner and Becky helped out this church several years ago as they chaperoned a mission trip of high school students for 16 days in Myrtle Beach. Back then building a church was just a distant dream! In addition, Pastor Ben Zahn from Amazing Grace is the older brother of Courtney Zahn, the new 1st grade teacher at Christ the King!

We can give thanks to God for his blessing of a new building in both of these mission church locations–Myrtle Beach and Palm Coast. Enjoy the video below!

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