Video of the Week: School Chapel

This school year has been so much more enjoyable than the previous two years. With a brand new building, there are several luxuries that we are truly enjoying–new classrooms, new technology in each room, a new playground, and much more! But perhaps the greatest thing about our new church and school is this one thing–MORE SPACE!!

What a difference to have room to work with now! We actually have a parking lot that fits all the parents’ cars. Our playground itself is twice the size of our former Preschool building! And the classrooms and hallways were specifically designed to give students some extra wiggle room.

But another sizable space that we are thankful for is our new sanctuary! Of course we are thankful for that as a church, but the sanctuary has also been of great benefit to us as a school. Parent meetings and special presentations can be held in the sanctuary with plenty of space for lots of people, and plenty of technology for any kind of presentation.

One other terrific use we have found for our sanctuary though is something new to our school program this year. Every Friday at 10am our entire student body gathers in the sanctuary for chapel. Chapel is led by Pastor Huebner. During chapel he gives a brief children’s message and devotion, the children sing a song or two together, and they close with prayer.

School chapel lasts only 15 minutes and is only once a week, but it is precious time that we have together. It builds school unity. It gets the children used to sitting in church. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for the children to hear the Word of God and to learn more about the love of Jesus.

Parents are always invited to attend school chapel at 10:00am each Friday. Otherwise, they can watch it online. School chapel is recorded and posted every week. Thus, the “Video of the Week” this week is actually two videos, the first two school chapels of this school year:




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  1. Dear phil, I just wanted to take a second to thank you, becky, and all of the teachers, for all of your efforts on the website, the interactivity is very neat, and gramma rushby in massachusetts can see how special the school is, it also makes it very helpful for me to keep track of what the kids are learning and planning for upcoming events. I can see all of your efforts everyday at school are rubbing off on the children, cypress and azalea sing the songs you have taught them, and it makes me feel special and truly blessed to have them taught and guided with the thoughtfullness and care of all the faculty of Christ the King, please share this with the staff, how much i appreciate their efforts. thankyou again for everything. jeremy rushby

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