Video of the Week: Commentary on the Means of Grace & Worship

It was quite the day. The worship service will go down in history as one of the greatest and most memorable worship services in the history of Christ the King. Those present might even argue that it could be more memorable than the dedication worship service for Christ the King’s new church and school building.

The theme for worship set the tone for the service–Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven. To be sure, the Scripture lessons, hymns, and prayers made very clear that we will be entering the narrow door of heaven through Jesus and through Jesus alone. That was memorable enough.

But God had in mind that he would not only touch us with his Word that morning. At the beginning of the worship service we were also reminded of the power of God’s Word in connection with water, which washes us clean and clothes us with Christ in baptism. We were reminded of our own baptisms as we witnessed FIVE being baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection. Here is a video of that moving event from worship:

That too, would be memorable enough. But God still wasn’t done showing the power of his mighty Word. Later in the service the Word of the Lord was proclaimed at the meal which he gave us–the Supper in which his own body and blood are present with bread and wine. Once more in this worship service, forgiveness of sins was proclaimed in a real, tangible, and memorable way.

As the sermon in the middle of the worship service pulled together the whole theme of the day, it also related the story of a friend of Christ the King, Mike, who passed away the day before and entered through the narrow door to heaven. Here is a video of that sermon:

Thus, by the end of worship there was hardly an eye that was left dry that morning. We all knew we had been a part of a very special worship service. This touching worship service and this great display of God’s power through his Means of Grace (the gospel in Word and both Sacraments) moved Pastor Huebner to speak from the heart about the Means of Grace and Worship. The opening question he posed (which is hard to hear) was this, “How does God interact with his people today?” Here is what was said:


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