Video of the Week: New Mission Church

The experience is all too familiar. A few families gather together with a determined mission in mind–starting a brand new church. They aren’t sure how or when it will work, but they know at least know why! God will make the church grow with his powerful Word.

The church begins worshiping in a small setting, in a house and then eventually in a public elementary school. Every Sunday the people have to set up. Every Sunday the people have to tear down. But they do it all for the sake of hearing the Word of God, praising the Lord, and proclaiming what he has done.

Along the way, the members of the church do all that they can to carry out the mission of their church (and of their Savior). They canvass door-to-door and pass out fliers. They hold special community events like a kids carnival or a public picnic. They send out advertisements. They invite their friends.

Sometimes quickly, but usually slowly but surely, God adds to their number, the church grows, and many more come to hear the good news of Jesus Christ our Savior.

The feeling is all too familiar. Christ the King has been doing this for three years. That mission work describes exactly what we have been doing in Palm Coast. That also describes exactly what God has done for us–sometimes quickly, but usually slowly but surely, God has added to our number.

Now this systematic process of mission work is beginning again, this time in Fort Worth, TX. Christ Alone Lutheran Church has been started and funded as a new mission church in this area. Under the leadership of Pastor Paul Seager, the few starter families of Christ Alone are now working together to reach out to the people of Forth Worth and to grow yet another church.

As Christ the King is moving into a new faze of its history as a more established church and school with a new building of its own to use, we can all do well to remember in our thoughts and prayers the important work of Christ Alone Church. We pray for their pastor. We pray for them. We pray that God’s powerful Word works in their hearts and in the hearts of those they reach. God grant that many more come to know about their salvation through “Christ alone.”

Here is the story of this new mission church:


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