Video of the Week: Assignment Day

This is a very exciting week for Christ the King! It certainly ranks as high as many or most other weeks in our brief, almost-three-year history. This week we are adding to our teaching staff at Christ the King School. But this is no ordinary addition. And this is certainly no ordinary “hire.”

First, we say with excitement that this new teacher will be a kindergarten teacher. The excitement lies in the fact that the addition of a kindergarten teacher means the expansion of our school! God is blessing our school greatly–so much so that we are able to add a new grade next year. And if God is willing and continues to bless, we will add more grades in the following years.

Next, we say that this is no ordinary teacher because of her training. This new kindergarten teacher was trained at one of the best private and Christian teacher-training colleges in the country. For more than a century, Martin Luther College has been training excellent Christian teachers. It is the college that both Pastor Huebner and his wife attended. It is the college that all pastors and teachers attend in our church body. We can be confident that our new teacher has received an excellent education and is fully prepared to teach in our school.

Finally, we say that this is no ordinary hire because that is precisely what it is NOT. In fact, we are not even choosing the kindergarten teacher ourselves. Rather, it is God who is guiding the selection of our new teacher. In his Word, God gives the right to the Church (all believers) to select its public ministers. This includes pastors, teachers, family ministers, and more. Thus, when a group of believers asks another to be a pastor or teacher on their behalf it is a divine call–from God and through the Church.

In our case, we are placing the privilege of extending a divine call to teach at Christ the King into the hands of the leading pastors of our church body and the leaders of Martin Luther College. Knowing the need of our congregation for a kindergarten teacher and our request for a teacher with strong people skills, a love for children, and other gifts, this committee of leaders will assign a graduate of Martin Luther College to our school. As God guides this process, it is indeed a divine call from God through Christ the King Lutheran Church and School to this new teacher.

Certainly this does bring great excitement! Not only will God be working in amazing and mysterious ways this Saturday when Martin Luther College graduates are called to teach around the world, but also on that day we will have a new full time worker in our church and school–a kindergarten teacher!

Thus, the video of the week is actually a video-to-come. The worship service at Martin Luther College in which the list of teacher assignments will be read will be broadcast live at 3:30 EST on Saturday, May 15, 2010. You are invited to join in our excitement and watch this live broadcast and listen for the name of our new kindergarten teacher! The event will be streamed here.  And if you happen to miss the live stream, you can always find the teacher’s name on the assignment list.

God bless the work of and in his Church!

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  1. Hey! Yahoo! Cool! Thank God for a minister (you) who is not afraid of the adage,”no guts, no glory)!!!!

    I pray for you and your not-so-little anymore mission congregation. I pray you get the teacher of your DREAMS!

    Good sermon last week!

    See you later, Marge B.

    • Marge, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. We are excited to add another full time minister of gospel for this wonderful task of sharing the message of Christ the King through church and school!

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