Video of the Week: Haiti

Don’t you wish you could help? It’s probably a frequent occurrence and a familiar feeling. Day after day you watch breaking news stories on TV. You rush to your computer to read more about what just happened on the internet. A disaster again?! Another earthquake?! More troubled people?! If only there was something you could do!

But there is something you can do. And those who attend Christ the King have been doing something–maybe without some even knowing it!

Christ the King is part of a larger international church body (a synod) called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). There are many blessings that come from affiliating with a greater church body (besides the fact that the WELS funded the start of Christ the King!). One great blessing is the opportunity for us locally to to share the love of Jesus internationally–to carry out Jesus’ great commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

For many or most of us, it is simply impossible to travel great distances to do mission work or to help out people in need, such as those in Haiti right now. However, Christ the King Church supports the WELS with a percentage of the offerings that are gathered locally in worship. As we send our congregational mission offerings to the synod headquarters, those gifts are then redirected to other places to do the Lord’s work. Some go to support home missions in America (like Christ the King). Some go to support world missions in places like Africa or Brazil. Other gifts go to support other areas of ministry such as the WELS Committee on Relief.

Thus, those who give offerings to Christ the King can rightfully say that they are doing the Lord’s work all around the world because their offerings are being sent all over the world! This week’s video of the week shares a story about how our collective offerings are serving others right now in Haiti through our church body. We are making a difference! We are serving the Lord all over the world!


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