Video(s) of the Week: Abortion

Perhaps you read or saw in various places last week all the controversy that led up to a Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion commercial featuring college football star Tim Tebow. As this article explains, Mrs. Tebow almost lost Tim while pregnant, and doctors advised her to abort the baby.  Other reports indicated that many activist groups were very upset about the advertisement and urged CBS to remove it. CBS did not remove the commercial, and below is what aired during the Super Bowl:

This article highlights the reaction of many, if not most, to the commercial and questions why it was really that controversial in the first place. While it is true that the commercial itself was “gentle” and a “soft sell” (which is probably better for Tim Tebow’s sake!), it was not controversial without reason. Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice is still one of the hottest debates in America.

So these questions remain: “Who is right?” and “What does God have to say?”

Pastor Timothy Schwartz of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Yakima, WA tackles the issue of abortion in the videos below. Pastor Schwartz readily admits that he is not a doctor or a scientist. However, the evidence for life within the womb is beyond unanimous. Any person that has been expecting a child and heard the heartbeat or saw the baby in an ultrasound knows full well that there is life in the womb. More importantly, God himself attests to life within the womb.  Pastor Schwartz does well to reference Psalm 139 in which King David writes about God knitting him together in his mother’s womb and knowing him long before he was born. Further, God also attests to the human being having a soul after conception as he inspired  King David also to write about the sinful nature that he (and all of us) had from conception.

God tells us that there is human life and a human soul in the womb.  Pastor Schwartz reminds us that every single one of those lives are precious to God, for God himself decided to take on that very human flesh, to be born in such a way, and then to give his life to win salvation for every life in this world. Just as God valued every life by giving his Son for all (and by protecting life in the 5th Commandment), so too will we treasure and value every life in this world–and fight to protect the lives of those not yet born!

Watch the videos below, Part 1 and then Part 2, that address this issue of abortion:


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  1. I think one of the strongest non-religious arguments that life in the womb is an independent life is DNA. At conception, the embryo already has its own DNA code, distinct from the mother. From a purely logical standpoint, it would be hard to argue that we’re dealing with an unviable tissue mass and not a human being in its infant (really, pre-infant) stages. Scripture settles this for the Christian, but I find it interesting to see how a logical, scientific argument mirrors Scripture’s position.

    Nice blog, Pastor Huebner! And thanks for sending some Ash Wednesday blog traffic my way! 🙂

    • Excellent point, Pastor Strey. Of course when unbelieving minds have an agenda they wish to push, no amount of logic or God’s Word seems to matter. Regardless, we’ll keep speaking the truth in love and letting the Spirit work as he sees fit.

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