Scholar Ladies

This Video of the Week was made by students of Hope Christian School in Milwaukee, WI. While it is a cute little production simulating a Beyonce music video, it also reminds us of the importance of education and the role of teachers in that education. “If you learned it you should’ve got an A on it” the video says. But how can the students truly learn without the teachers? How can they chew on things, digest them, and take them to heart and mind if no one teaches with care and love?

At Christ the King we have a school that is growing very quickly. Perhaps the biggest reason for that is our teachers. We are so thankful for our teachers who have passion for what they do and who care deeply for each and every student. They are the ones that drill the ABCs and 123s. They are the ones that plant and water the basic truths of the Bible. They are the ones that make our school thrive!

On that note, the video illustrates another great point. Education can be fun! The students must have had a blast reenacting something they may have seen on TV, and seeing the teachers participate, too! The creative side of their brains must have been pulsating with excitement as they took on this project and then saw the finished product!

Our prayer as a church and school can only be that our teachers continue to love what they do, love the children they teach, and love their Savior who allows them the privilege of being educators. If they continue thus, perhaps we’ll have some of our own videos like the one below!


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  1. Nice website. As soon as I become more literate, I hope to be able to use it. I like your note, above about the importance of our teachers. God bless ’em! I believe so strongly in Christian day schools, I pray yours will continue to grow and improve. Remember, no guts, no glory! Keep planting the seeds and let God worry about the rest of it. Hope you’re having a great day.


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