1,000 and Counting . . .

Christ the King first entered the blog world just a few months ago. The CTK blog was a sort of pet project to test for viability as a means of communication. Over those last few months though, the success and the importance of the blog has steadily grown.

First there was a shift of content that took place. Sermons moved from the regular church website here to the blog. The ability to share sermons as posts here was very appealing! Users can now subscribe to sermons via RSS and are notified when new posts are added. Further, the sermon archive is much more intuitive and easier to search by category, date, or text.

Another huge upside to the CTK blog is the use of tags. Tags are nothing new to the world of digital media. Everything from Flickr pictures to YouTube videos has tags these days. But the benefit of tags on a church website quickly became evident. The new Search for Answers page of the CTK blog makes great use of these tags. Users can now do just that–search for answers–either by Bible book or by topic. One click will take you to all the posts that have to do with that particular Bible book or topic. Obviously, as more posts are regularly added to the blog, the library of Bible books and topics will continue to grow.

Finally, another wonderful benefit of the CTK blog is that users can share their comments about posts. The possibilities again are endless for this–discussions about current events and topics, questions and answers about Bible teachings, feedback on sermons, and more. Just one more upside to this use of media!

The CTK blog has continued to grow and has now crossed the 1,000 visitor plateau. How many visitors will it get in the next few months or years? Only God knows. So we can only pray that God continues to bless the efforts as the blog is used to communicate his love in Christ Jesus with others.


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