A New Year, A New Plan

Are your resolutions planned and ready yet?  With the new year comes new beginnings–starting a new diet, quitting smoking, vowing to be nicer to your neighbor’s dog for once.  There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions.  What better time to measure and track your progress than with the flip of the calendar to January 1?

But why not make a resolution this year that really means something?  Why not dedicate yourself, your time, and your effort to something that will truly be beneficial to you?  Why not read the whole Bible in 2010?

Many have never read all of God’s Word before.  Some may have tried but later fell off task and schedule.  Some may have simply been too intimidated by the size and magnitude of the goal.  Others yet may have read all of the Bible but never in one year.


It’s easier than you might think.  With only about 20 minutes per day 5-6 times per week, you can easily read the entire Bible in one year!  All it takes is some focus and discipline.

To help you along the way, Pastor Huebner of Christ the King Church has created a Bible reading schedule for 2010. There are many good Bible reading plans that exist. This one for reading every day is very good.  But understandably, at times you can become a little busy (or forgetful and lazy!) and fall a little behind.  This new schedule takes that into account and simply suggests an amount to be read every week rather than every day.  With this schedule you could miss or forget on a day or two but still know how much to read for that week.  There are other advantages of this schedule:  It is designed to take you through your entire Bible in a year AND the important and comforting book of Psalms four times. It also makes logical breaks each week between stories or books.  A copy of this schedule is attached at the end of this post.  You can download it to view, print, and use as needed.

Finally, to further encourage and help you in your new Bible reading plan, Pastor Huebner will be reminding everyone of the weekly readings on Mondays on this blog. He will post the chapters to be read for the week, share some comments about those chapters to help you understand and grasp the content, and is always available for questions about the readings as well.

Make a resolution that matters this year!  Grow in knowledge.  Grow in faith.  Grow with God!

1 Year Bible Reading Plan


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