The Church’s One Foundation

. . . is Jesus Christ our Lord.

So goes the first line of the popular Christian hymn.  What a comforting truth!  God’s Church of his children is built upon the changeless and immovable foundation of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He who overcame sin and death and destroyed the devil has become our solid foundation that cannot be shaken.

Foundations mean a lot to us these days.  The footers for our new church and school building were just laid about a week ago.  It was exciting to finally see the outline of the entire building.  It helps us to get a feel for exactly how big it will be, and where all the different rooms will be.

It was particularly exciting to see the tower take shape.  This tower forms the grand entrance into the worship space, and it will also have the baptismal font placed in the center.  This location is symbolic, for as we enter the worship space at the baptismal font, so also did our lives as God’s children begin with baptism.

Even more progress is being made now.  The columns that support this tower have been poured and are taking shape.  On the outside half of the tower they will form the support for the walls.  On the inside half of the tower, they will remain as open columns which open up going into the worship space.

Finally, the electrical and plumbing lines are nearly finished being laid in the foundation.  This means that by next week Monday or Tuesday they will pour the actual cement slab foundation!  After this (maybe the end of next week?) they will be quick at work building all the main walls of the building.  This means that within about two weeks we will actually have a church building in place!

May Jesus Christ our King continue to bless our construction, and may he continue to be our comfort and support as our one true foundation in this life and the next!

See more building project photos here.


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